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Welcome to K-9 Caring Angels. Do you have a dog that needs a little focus and obedience training? Or maybe some behavior issues like anxiety, excitability or aggression? Or perhaps you are you have more specialized needs like ESA, Therapy or Service? We can help. We have been training in the region since 2012 earning accolades for our results and customer service. We train dogs of all types and from simple pets to therapy dogs, first responder facility dogs, psychiatric service dogs and more. We would love to speak with you. Simply fill out this contact form or call us directly and we will schedule a time for one of our trainers to speak with you about your dog and your unique situation or challenge and what goals you have for your dog. Warm Regards, The K-9 Caring Angels Team.

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Many of our clients come to us feeling stuck about their dog’s behavior. When they got their dog they had all sorts of plans and ideas of what they would and could do with their Canine Companion. Anything from not going on walks or in public because of excessive leash pulling or reactivity to other dogs or people, etc. It could be jumping up on everyone, chewing items or messing in the house, eating socks, etc. Perhaps not coming when called, fear of their dog running off. Sometimes we get dogs with fear anxiety or aggression towards people or other animals. Sometimes it is a little of everything. Some of our clients end up isolating their dog because of serious behavioral issues or just not getting to do all the things that they envisioned when they got their little buddy. And some clients have turned to medication to settle their dogs and more.

Most of these solutions are bandaids that mask or avoid issues but don’t fix the problem. With a competent training program and behavior modification K-9 Caring Angels can work with your dog to build a confident, happy and focused companion and through training eliminate the old conditioned behaviors and create and reward desirable behaviors: Walking on a loose leash heel, coming on command regardless of distractions, sitting or down over distance and time, remaining on a place and more. It is through this focused training that many of the undesired behaviors melt away as your dog learns to work for your voice and your touch vs the things that have you searching for a trainer right now!

We train Psychiatric Service Dogs for Veterans, Therapy Dogs for Firestations and Police Departments around the country and I am sure we can help you with your canine. Sign up or contact us for a free evaluation and spend some time with one of our trainers to discuss your challenges and goals.

Obedience Training


  • Come on Command
  • Walking on Leash
  • Wait at the Door
  • No Jumping
  • No Play Biting
  • Quiet on Command
  • No Digging
  • No Chewing
  • Boundary Training
  • House Breaking
  • Off Leash Control
  • Prepare for CGC (Canine Good Citizen™)
  • Sit Next to You
  • Sit at Distance
  • Down Next to You
  • Down at a Distance
  • Place
  • Aggressive/Submissive Behaviors
  • Swimming
  • Puppy Management

At K-9 Caring Angels, we understand that obedience training is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every dog, handler and environment are a unique combination. That's why we offer obedience training programs tailored to address the specific needs of each client and their dog. The best time to start the training process is today!

Don't wait to start your dog's obedience training journey. Contact us at (571)-348-0672 to learn more about our programs and schedule an appointment. Together, let's unlock your dog's full potential and create a lasting bond built on trust and obedience.

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Often dog behavior is conditioned by the dogs environment, experiences and most often handler interaction… from basic fear anxiety that is conditioned by a caring and well intentioned owner like a dog that fears loud noises that is comforted (rewarded) by the owner for the fear mindset strengthening the fear through reward every time there is a loud noise. Eventually, though the comforting was well intentioned the dog is conditioned to act even more fearful because the dog is praised for that behavior. We see the same thing in some aggressive behavior where the owner means to calm the dog by stroking or petting when it reacts aggressively toward a visitor or stranger, etc.

It happens every time this occurs… the owner means to relax the dog not realizing they are rewarding the aggressive response. Even the case of jumping up is a form of demand for attention that is often rewarded by the handler or others and a reward can be petting or pushing off… When a dog thinks they can demand attention from anyone they certainly think they are in charge… we work with dogs to modify this behavior and their relationship with other people by learning to accomplish a task to earn attention and reward rather than demand it. Like our therapy dogs, when they greet someone, they don’t demand attention by jumping up, they sit patiently to receive/earn praise. These are only some simple and common examples of conditioned behaviors that we can unwind and modify through our training.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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K9 Caring Angels is such an amazing organization!! They are extremely knowledgeable, skillful, and a pleasure to work with. Words cannot describe the amount of gratitude our family has for their care and guidance throughout the training process. As my service dog and I interact with the public, many people are always impressed by my well-mannered husky. He performs his tasks extremely well and continues to be a great help to this veteran. We highly recommend K9 Caring Angels."

- Jen B.

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A wonderful organization full of kind and caring people."

- Scott M.

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K-9 Caring Angels does an amazing job of helping to train therapy and service dogs. They look for all kinds of ways for dog and handler teams to have a positive impact on the community. There is nothing better than the unconditional acceptance of a dog when your spirits need lifting.”

- Marti P.

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At K-9 Caring Angels, we've witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that obedience and behavior modification training can have on dogs and their owners. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to create positive and lasting changes in your dog's behavior while strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion.

When you invest in our obedience and behavior modification training, you'll experience a range of benefits that extend far beyond simple obedience commands, including improved communication, enhanced obedience, increased confidence, and overall a happier household!

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At K-9 Caring Angels, we are passionate about helping everyday dog owners experience the incredible impact of our obedience and behavior modification training. Our expert trainers utilize their knowledge, experience, and compassion to create a personalized training plan that meets the unique needs of your dog and your family.

Ready to witness the transformative impact of our training on your dog's behavior? Contact us at (571)-348-0672 to learn more about our programs and schedule an appointment. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a happier, more obedient, and well-behaved companion.

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